IVC Dinner Talks

Online talks and lectures on Science, Climate, Arts, Culture, Travel, Nature, and lots more ... over dinner

The IVC Dinner Talks could be a place where, for the price of a small donation plus dinner and drinks, members can come to listen to in-person and online talks. These talks would be from the worlds leading speakers and academics on the latest ideas in many subjects.

Meetings would take place over dinner in cafes, bars, restaurants and even theatres, with opportunities to discuss the creation of further learning groups about the subject presented. 

An IVC group could allow any non-members to watch online talks and lectures from home for FREE but require attendees to have a member account for in-person and online talks at a dinner venue.  Possible topics for discussion when organising such groups might include:

  • Should IVC groups setup their own in-person and online talk groups or partner with in-person and online talk based groups like a Cafe Scientifique, Skeptics in the Pub, The Royal Institution, The Royal Society, IOD, large corporates and Universities?
  • Where and how should we go about setting up talk based groups around the UK and fund the venue and  speakers expenses etc?
  • What kind of people would be attracted to attending both talks and general social activities ?
  • How would creating such groups affect club funding plus the aIVC and the levy?
  • How much autonomy would such group organisers need to have i.e. own bank accounts?
The Basingstoke IVC Science Cafe was set up in January 2013 and has around 1325 subscribers to its Meetup group with around 10 online talks per month in 2020.  The group has been linked since its founding to Cafe Scientifique which supports science and technology discussion groups around the world. For further details of your local Cafe sci groups, search for the Cafe Scientifique groups in your area.

Cafes Online
Cafe Scientifique groups around the world have paused in-person events as part of governments’ measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

But to keep their regular dose of science – and goodness knows we need it – going, a number of cafe scientifiue groups are experimenting with taking the cafe online. Join them if you can – the beauty of an online cafe is that you can join from anywhere.

The ones currently operating are:

  • Woking
  • Bradford
  • Leeds Chapel Allerton
  • Wantage
  • Henley on Thames
  • Falmouth
  • Winchester
  • Oxford
  • Glasgow
  • Cafe scientifique francais d’ecosse (Glasgow/Edinburgh)
  • Annapolis (USA)
  • Hudson Valley (USA)