19 Oct 2020
We are currently looking for a professional graphics designer who could do the quality graphic design images, logos and banners etc. that we would need.  If we can find someone soon, then we can make a start on gettting some graphics prepared for each clubs respective aIVC club information pages. 

aIVC Web Site Project Discussion
Tuesday 15 Dec 2020 @ 7pm

Bob Clifford and Mike Timmis from aIVC and Dave Lawrence from London IVC will be hosting an informal discussion on the future of IVC. Please come and join us if would like to contribute or just listen to the discussion on Tuesday Dec 15th at 7pm on Zoom.  Everyone is welcome to take part.

Please let Bob, Mike or Dave know of any subjects you would like to see discussed at future sessions under the heading  "The Future of IVC".

The particular topic for discussion this month is on Website Building tools for club web sites to help supplement sites.

We wil  also briefly consider online card and direct debit payment systems and the use of https security.

The aIVC does not recommend any particular system from the above list. You are welcome to bring along any other ideas for web site tools that you would like discussed.

This web site is for the collection of topics for the "Future of IVC" online discussions. This allows us to have the aIVC events list,  private discussion forums, information pages and be able to communicate with each other by email.  If you have a login to the aIVC Web site, then this will also allow you to login to the IVC Future web site .